1. What is Yesbit ?

    YesBit is a platform where users can use their cryptocurrency to purchase, invest and sell financial contract, future, foreign exchange and long or short index.

  2. What's the value of Yesbit?

    We build a bridge between cryptocurrency and financial derivatives, where nobody has ever made it.

  3. What's the value of Yesbit in terms of information ?

    Centralized platform need a database to store all their information, while we don't need a database, because the contract is stored on everyone's computer, 100% transparent and surely to be settled.

  4. Is it a decentralized platform ?

    Yes, users will have to use our smart contract, so that billions of computers can prove this process.

  5. Will Yesbit create its own chain ?

    We will.The chain will be used mainly for financial derivatives, structured with super-nodes, similarly to EOS main chain.

  6. Explain more about the previous question ?

    As the principle of decentralization, any transactions would be validated by millions of Computers. If we launched our chain with little computing power, there is risk of being overridden by stronger power.

  7. Does Yesbit support other financial product ?

    Yes, our ultimate goal is to build a platform for finance companies to issue and sell their financial derivatives. NASDAQ index contract is used for development experiments, and we will support more kinds of products.

  8. What's the development progress ?

    We are proudly announcing that our alpha test before Christmas 2018

  9. How will the regulation affect Yesbit ?

    Blockchain is cutting-edge technology, and everyone is exploring its possibility. We have advisor team who masters both law and Blockchain principle, so we will advance steady and stable.